Watch This Poor Ferrari F40 Burn to the Ground in Monaco

There's now one less F40 on the roads. A sad day.

It's always a sad day when a vintage collector car catches fire, but the fiery loss of a Ferrari F40 is an absolute tragedy.

This video, originally captured by smih__carspotting on Instagram, shows the car engulfed in a massive fireball on a Monaco street, spawning plumes of black smoke dangerously close to an apartment building. Thankfully, fire crews were able to put out the burning F40 before any serious damage was done to the structure. Sadly, the car didn't make it out unscathed.

Judging by the above picture, shared by jmez_98 on Instagram, the entire rear half of the car is beyond saving. Just the frame remains, charred and covered in fire-extinguishing material. Interestingly, the massive wing out back seems to have survived the fire, though it's safe to say it won't be providing much downforce from here on out.

This isn't the first F40 we've seen sacrificed to the fire gods in recent years. In 2016, a newly restored example burned to the ground during its first post-rebuild drive. In 2017, another caught fire while driving during a Ferrari gathering in Italy.

F40 owners, heed this warning: Keep a fire extinguisher in your car, and be careful. Otherwise, your car may end up like this one.

via /r/cars

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