Is The Citroën Méhari The Best Car For Canadians?

As long as you live in Toronto, the Mehari is almost certainly the best car for you.


The Citroën Méhari is a 2CV-based beach car you can still find in active service in places like the Spanish coast or rural France. It's easy to see why these air-cooled, two-cylinder plastic wonders have a cult following, and if you're on the hunt for one in North America, the good news is that back in 1969 and 1970, Citroën sent over 211, all federalized.

Interestingly, these modified Méharis were advertised as the cars "you couldn't care less about." Probably because the importer thought that if that angle worked for Volkswagen, it could work for anybody.


To get away with being a deathtrap, the Méhari was classified as a truck in the United States. Yet in the warm climates it was destined for, its ABS plastic body deteriorated faster than you could say National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Today, reproduction bodies are available from France, and if you happen to live in the city in Canada, the Méhari might just be the best car for you. As demonstrated by George Dyke, President of the Citroën Autoclub of Canada:

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