Yes, Snow Can Beat the Mercedes G-Wagen 6x6

Oh, and the SnowCat that tried to get it out. Three locking differentials, six wheels, onboard compressors, portal axles. All for nothing.

Greg B.Instagram

The 6x6 G Wagen is a German joke that works. It is essentially a G63 AMG, which means it has a whopping 544 horsepower and 560 lb.-ft. of torque. That power is sent through six-wheels, portal axles, and the same three locking differentials as all Gs feature from 1979 to 2019.

The 6x6 was designed to be best at getting airborne between sand dunes and plow through rivers, but to see how well it can cope with fresh snow, supercar collector Greg B. decided to take it for a sub-zero deep dive. As it turns out, the big G is a better winter grocery getter than a Porsche Cayenne, but not necessarily by a long shot.

Finding new routes across a snowfield is a risky business, since one can ever be sure what's hidden under the whiteness. Logs, rocks, a name it.

We believe that after having hours of fun in the Italian Alps, Greb B. finally managed to find a large enough hole in the frozen ground to out-league the G's portal axles and 37-inch tires. Not to mention the purpose-built tracks of a SnowCat. That's no small feat.

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