Watching a Honda Odyssey Battle for Track Position Is the Weirdest Thing You'll See This Week

Minivans can be race cars too.

Team HMA / Mario GonzalesFacebook

Honda Motorsports Alabama is a racing team run by employees from Honda's Odyssey assembly plant in Lincoln, Alabama. Unlike the automaker's other race teams, which field Civic Type Rs and Honda NSXs, these guys stay true to their roots, and race an Odyssey. Yes, a minivan race car. It's as weird as you think.

The team just uploaded video to Facebook from inside the van as it battled for position at a recent event at Circuit of the Americas. It's hilariously out of place among all of the Miatas, S2000s, and BMWs that peppered the field during the race.

The van, despite its size and blocky shape, isn't totally uncompetitive. It was able to jump from 12th position all the way up to P7 in turn one thanks to some late braking. The car still runs its stock drivetrain, meaning 280 horsepower from a naturally aspirated V-6, sending power to the front wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. Obviously, most of the interior has been stripped, replaced by a roll cage and a single bucket seat. Because there's no muffler, it actually makes a pretty good sound:

So if you're considering building a race car, maybe give the Odyssey a look. It's more capable than you think.

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