This Electric Ariel Nomad Tears Up the Dirt Emissions-Free

Built as a demonstration vehicle to show off the company's EV tech, it has 268 horsepower and torque vectoring.


BorgWarner, the automotive supplier you've probably heard of through its massive line of turbochargers, has built an electric Ariel Nomad. Constructed to show off the company's line of EV tech, it has two motors, uses torque vectoring, and makes 268 horsepower.

In place of the Honda-sourced VTEC inline-four out back sits a 30 kWh battery pack, inverters, and two electric motors—one for each wheel. Every piece of the drivetrain was designed by BorgWarner as a proof-of-concept for its customers in the automotive industry, while the battery pack was developed in a joint venture with Romeo Power. Obviously, this car isn't meant to go into production.


Other BorgWarner-designed tech onboard includes a torque-vectoring system that independently controls each rear wheel for better turn-in and response, and a thermal management system that keeps the drivetrain cool via an electric water pump.

BorgWarner says it made the EV conversion happen in just six months, choosing the Nomad because of its open-air design, which made for easy of access to the engine bay for installing and removing parts.

And in case you were wondering, yes, the electrified Nomad can still hit the dirt as easily as the gas-powered car. BorgWarner's released a video to go along with the car's announcement, and has plenty of action inside. Whether it can still ford a river has yet to be determined.

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